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I have included for your convenience my YouTube videos created for this Ultimate guide to no sound on windows 10. They are above each section and should be referenced while using this guide.

Basic Windows 10 No Sound fix

Hi my name is Ella and here are my written instructions for fixing an issue of no sound after upgrading to Windows 10 or if for some reason your Windows 10 sound has just gone out at any time.

Go to your volume options which should have an audio Icon in the far right of your taskbar as shown in the video.

Right click and choose playback devices. Now choose the Audio device you are currently having a problem with. It should be set as default as well. Right click this and choose properties. Next navigate the top menu and choose advanced.

Change your default format from what it most-likely displays 16 Bit 44100 Hz CD Quality to one of the 24 bit options. I chose 24 Bit 192000 Hz Studio Quality, but if you run into any audio issues with games/apps/ect. just choose a lower one. Finally click apply and then click okay.

If this does not solve your issue please let me know in the comments and I will try to help you with other solutions although this should certainly work. If not another fix has been suggested by Damba on Microsoft Answers “You will want to click on the Conexant SmartAudio HD device and do the “Disable All Enhancements” trick. A lot of people are reporting success doing that.

Here are the steps again:

1.) Right click on speaker icon, select ‘Sounds’

2.) Left click on ‘Playback’ tab

3.) Left click on the device (in your case, the Conexant SmartAudio HD Device); you should see ‘Configure’ and ‘Properties’ light up on the bottom. Click ‘Properties’

4.) Now, click on ‘Enhancements’

5.) Left click the checkbox ‘Disable All Enhancements’. Click Apply. You should now have sound. You may have to restart the computer, but in my case, I did not have too. If this doesn’t work, or you don’t see “Disable All Enhancements” listed, you will have to revert back to the inbox driver.

The link for this process is below; I hope this information helps you. Good luck.”

Troubleshooting how to install the microsoft hd audio class driver

Windows 10 – Audio Driver Missing/Not Installed (Safer Fix)

Here is a safe method for fixing an issue with Windows 10 where Windows is blocking the installation of your Audio/Sound Drivers because of Digital Signature Enforcement.

Please make sure to watch my video​ first all the way through before attempting any of the steps!

Step #1 – Click Start then find the power icon. Hold down the shift key, then right click the power icon and choose restart while still holding shift. Refer to the pics in the video for finding the power icon…

Step #2 – Windows should boot to this menu screen. Choose “Troubleshoot” from the options.

Step #3 – You will end up on this screen next so choose “Advanced options” from the menu.

Step #4 – Simply click the Restart button where the mouse is in the image to restart windows.

Step #5 – Finally when you get to this screen press the 7 key on your keyboard and Windows will then start with Driver Signature Enforcement Disabled.

Step #6 – Check to see if you have sound now. If you still do not have sound, right click the volume/speaker icon in the bottom right of your taskbar and choose “Playback devices.” Then right click your Audio Driver speakers and click properties. Go to the “Enhancements” tab and check “Disable all sound effects” then click Apply and OK. I have a video tutorial for this at the end of my last video.

Step #7 – Repeat steps #1 – #5 every time you restart your computer. I know this is a hassle, but at least you will have sound working and you should not need to repeat step #6.

Hopefully Microsoft will release an official fix soon! One final note. If you forget to follow this method and shut down or restart your computer normally. You can hold down the Shift Key and restart from the Windows login page even without logging into your computer and then go through the steps.

Advanced: Windows 10 – Audio Driver Missing/Not Installed Fix (Less Safe Fix)

​Please procede with caution and make sure to watch my video here​ for the visual steps.

Please create a system restore point before attempting this fix. Control Panel – System and Security – System – Advanced System Settings – System Protection and click Create. You can also go to Start and then simply type System Restore into “Ask me anything” and click the first link.

Alternatively in Windows 10 a permanent method that requires extra steps would be to always restart your computer by clicking “Restart” and holding shift. Then when your PC reboots to a blue screen Click “Troubleshoot” Then “Advanced options” and on the next screen choose Startup Settings, then click restart and when your computer reboots to the blue screen shown in the video press 7 on your keyboard. This method will work if you do not wish to install ReadyDriver Plus. However unfortunately you will still have to follow these steps every time you want sound to work on your computer 🙁

A lot of you commented that you had no audio driver installed. Therefore you obviously were unable to resolve your issue by following the instructions in my first fix video.

Well I looked into the issue and found out that it is because Windows 10 sees your Audio Drivers as unsigned. Thankfully I was able to find a fix for this that will only take a few minutes to implement! 🙂

Step 1# – Go to this website http://forums.citadelindustries.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4

Step 2# – Download ReadyDriver Plus from that link.

Don’t change any of the default install options, unless you know what you are doing. (Only have windows 10? 1 Stroke!)

If you have more than one operating system choose the appropriate stroke number. 2 OS’s choose 2 Stroke, etc.

Step #3 – Restart your computer and choose ReadyDriver Plus by pressing “Enter”when it asks what operating system.

It will then move to the next screen and choose your OS for you automatically

Step #4 – You will see a blue screen and will need to press the keyboard key 7 for Disable driver signature enforcement

A screenshot of this page is in the video. It is here that you need to press the 7 key on your keyboard. You will only have a few seconds to do so.

Step #5 – Once your computer boots up you should see that you now have sound, Because Windows has installed your Unsigned Audio Driver. However if you still do not have sound. Please refer to my previous video on fixing no sound in Windows 10. If that does not help.

There is also one other step for fixing your sound.

Step #6 (Optional) – If you still have no sound and have done everything outlined in my previous video there is one other method that is sure to have things working for you.

Ensure you have Audio Drivers Installed first. Then open up playback devices by right clicking the Audio icon in the lower right of your taskbar.

Double click your audio driver, or right click and choose properties. Audio Driver Example: Realtek

Next click “disable all sound effects”
Here is a pic of what it should look like.

Step #7 – Click “Apply” and then click “OK”

I will demonstrate these steps near the end of this video. Just in case you couldn’t follow.

Step #8 – Repeat steps #3 – #5 every time you boot up your computer. I know it isn’t a perfect solution but it is better than having no sound at all right? Hopefully windows will put together an official fix but for now this works. You should not have to redo steps #6 & #7 however. So you really only have to press two things in total for this to work 🙂

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to your computer using this method. Including any damage or corruption of files, etc.

Do this method at your own risk!

Disclaimer (Cont.)

I tested this fix using a 64 bit  Laptop upgraded to Windows 10  and did not run into any issues at all. If you have problems however please let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do to help you.

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