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Here are my final impressions of The Division 2 Beta just in time for the launch which is only about a week away! The Division 2 release date is March 15th!

I’m loving the changes they have made to Division 2, almost every aspect has been enhanced apart from sadly the Dark Zone. This is a sad point for PVP players as so far as I have played this game mode is not nearly as fun in the Division 2. Hopefully this is just an issue with the Beta and they will make changes in the near future to ensure this mode is salvaged.

The Division 2 Beta made me feel like this iteration of the Division is on another level when compared to a game like Anthem. It has great loot and varied difficulty and enemy tactics that change significantly at higher difficulties. Which is exactly what Anthem needs to change to make their game a contender in the looter-shooter genre. Please let me know if you enjoyed the video! Don’t just watch, start a conversation! Don’t forget to like, Subscribe and, ring the bell to always be up to date on my latest Division 2 videos and other gaming content! Just so you know liking my videos helps me out so much and means so very much to me too! 🙂


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