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Here is my video of me succeeding against the Zodiac Phantom Aqua Boss in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep

Zodiac Phantom Aqua Boss Guide:

After Defeating this challenging boss I am super excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. I feel like the intricacies to this encounter are far and above what we have seen with kingdom hearts bosses in the past and more in line with what we remember experiencing in the original Kingdom Hearts game.

Dealing with Her Unblockables

The first thing you have to know when facing Aqua is that she has completely unblockable attacks.  Every time she attacks you and her attack produces orange effects she is using an unblockable move. If you have ever played the game For Honor then you will be very familiar with these. Your only option is to dodge these attacks as they cannot be parried, etc. Her main unblockable attack is a teleportation combo in which she will teleport in and attempt to attack you about 6 times. When she first uses the move it will be about one second before she teleports to attack again. After about 3 teleport attacks a few seconds later she will teleport in to attack 3 times in succession.

Spamming Dodge is “NOT” a Viable Strategy

This is not original Birth by Sleep so it is important to note that spamming dodge will not work. You will have to time your jumps and cartwheels to her attack appearances.

Anytime Aqua comes out swinging at you rather than a normal run towards you she is using an attack that requires you to block the wind up attack. The timing is difficult but if the first attack is not blocked you will be unable to defend against an onslaught of attacks from her that will drain you to 0 health before she attacks a final time with an orange unblockable. If you mess up the timing and get hit by this attack it shouldn’t kill you and after the combo and unblockable you can quickly heal with Curaga or a potion. I suggest you bring a few to this fight. To avoid taking any damage from this attack you must ensure to block her attack and hold down block so that you will block all successive attacks and upon seeing her use her orange unblockable press X to counter and avoid her unblockable.

When Aqua starts walking slowly side to side it is obviously a bait. This period in the fight can either be a brief respite for you to heal or you can attack her and cartwheel away 3 times which will open her up to a combo with finisher that you should perform twice. Essentially 2 full combos before she will retaliate with any number of orange unblockable moves in revenge be ready for them and dodge accordingly.

When she runs towards you and then teleports again the time to block is when she is next to you after being in the air about to attack you. After blocking jump and attack her with 2 combos and finishers to complete the process. These instances will be about the only time you will have an opening to attack her relatively safely unless you decide to gamble by using spellweaver form. I don’t suggest it as timings and nuances are far more difficult to account for.

When She Gets Desperate, “Dance!”

The main issue you will have to deal with in this fight is her desperation attack. She will likely use her ultimate attack twice during the whole fight and you must survive it both times to finish her off. When she moves to the middle of the room and there are 3 of her she is using her desperation attack. Dodge the orange unblockable energy balls she shoots 3 times by dodging towards her then she will disappear. You will hear her laugh wait about 1 sec then block, she will cartwheel twice. Block, then she will cartwheel towards you. Block again. Jump twice, block in mid air and when the final orange ball comes at you hit X to counter and avoid any damage. Now you will fall. She will be dancing around you and there will be 3 clones of her wait till they all start coming towards you. Block as they are about to hit and wait till you see Aqua bend down then press X to counter and avoid any damage. Immediately after this attack you should have a chance to combo + finish her once but then she will laugh, either way when she does make sure to use a thunder spell and cancel her blizzard attack as otherwise you will have to dodge her unblockables and giant snowflakes and will likely die. She may also laugh after her second desperation attack as well. Make sure to lock on and use thunder again to avoid this problem in the fight.

Her final tricky attack in her last phase at about 2 bars of health or so and after a second desperation attack is where you will need almost perfect timing she will do a lunge attack with a bunch of clones and the only counter to it is to block it. You will see it near the end of my video. If you survive all that you should be able to triumph over this extremely difficult but expertly crafted boss fight!

This was not one of my best runs but the only run in which I succeeded in defeating her.


I found Zodiac Phantom Aqua to be a pretty difficult fight consisting of a lot of mechanics, some of which had to be executed with perfection. Thankfully the amount of time I have spent playing games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne and almost all the Kingdom Hearts games certainly gave me an edge. In terms of how hard I found this fight, I would have to say in my opinion it is more difficult than most of the Dark Souls fights for sure. I feel like you have a lot more leeway in Dark Souls and similiar games, rather than needing perfect timings with your evasions as is required in this fight against Aqua. If you follow my tips and the gameplay I have provided of me succeeding, you should be able to finish her off in no time!

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