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I reached Division 2’s endgame and realized that even though I had thought I had unlocked the Dark Zone somehow I hadn’t. Here is a guide on how to fix this issue even if you have been plagued by all 3 DZs bugging out.

[DZ East]

Issue: After killing the 2 guys by the gate and walking inside the Dark Zone for the first time through the main gate you notice that all waypoints which should show up to tell you where to go for the mission are gone. You can complete landmarks and fight enemies but no progress is ever made and the waypoints do not ever appear. This one is pretty important since being unable to complete this mission will leave all Dark Zones locked forever!

Solution: Go to the southernmost DZ checkpoint then enter and exit it. This should fix the bug, but if it doesn’t dying and/or logging out absolutely should. I had to die, log out and then go to that checkpoint to fix this glitch.

[DZ South]

Issue: Once you find the manhole and descend the ladder jumping down can leave you stuck as there is no way back up and the door to the Dark Zone is locked and will not open.

Solution: Kill yourself and come back. Bonus points if you kill yourself in front of the locked door. Additional things to try would be to log out. This probably won’t help but I’ll feel like I made you look silly if you try it is to walk the distance from west to east outside the southern Dark Zone.

[DZ West]

Issue: Right after securing the supply drop and defending the Dark Zone entrance you enter DZ West to find that none of the waypoints show up after walking down the steps onto the street.

Solution: This one seemed to be fixed for me easily by logging out and back in after once again killing myself.

Hopefully this short guide helps you fix any issue you are having with the Dark Zones. I was incredibly unlucky and experienced a glitch of this sort on every Recon Mission in the game. This is probably because I had already reached The Division 2’s Endgame and it left the game confused as to what to do with me 😛

Let me know if I helped and have a wonderful day!


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