Destiny 2 Forsaken
Publisher: Activision – Developer: Bungie, High Moon Studios – Release:

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My Thoughts: 100+ hours in Destiny 2 Forsaken is the absolute best expansion that Bungie has ever produced.
The Dreaming City is magnificent with its towering spires and center citadel evoking a tolkien-esque feeling of Middle Earth.
The Awoken are Destiny’s Elves and I am in love with them and their Kingdoms.
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Dreaming of Legendary Guns

Update: It seems in order to get any item from the cat statue you need an item called “A small gift”. It also appears that whatever you get is a random drop and so you may not get “Tigerspite.” I guess I was just lucky!

Video Guide!

While searching the Dreaming City today. Trying to get to those beautiful buildings in the background of Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken, I stumbled upon a Legendary gun in a secret cave. I have captured some screenshots of both the location as well as the gun and its stats.

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Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City


Destiny 2 Forsaken

Here is the location you want to go to. When spawning into the Dreaming City make a left and head Northwest. You will find a cliff and an entrance that is a faster way into the city. Turn around directly below you is the location. Jump and position yourself in the air to land on the platform in these images.

Once inside the cave follow it around until you see the statues in the image below.

Legendary Gun Tigerspite location


On the right side near the last statue you will see a little cat item. Grab it and nab yourself the Legendary Auto Rifle Tigerspite

You will be able to see the gun’s default shader as well as stats and overall look in these next images.

Destiny 2 Tigerspite gun showcase

Destiny 2 Tigerspite gun stats

Legendary gun Tigerspite

That is all you have to do to get yourself the Legendary Tigerspite gun in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Mine dropped at 500 but I am not sure if it is capable of dropping higher or lower.

You can also check out the database entry for the Tigerspite gun here

“Tigerspite” Story

Lore: Tigerspite

“What else can we do but take up arms?” —Corsair Amrita Vae

Kazia watches as Amrita tears through their little cobbled-together home. She’s ripping it apart, trying to put it into a backpack. “Hurry,” she’s saying. “It’s finally happening.” Kazia watches, but all she sees are the walls they built with their own hands. The tiny garden they coaxed out of the parched earth. The mountains on the horizon, so unlike any in the Reef. The salvage they transformed from left-behind scraps into beloved possessions. She watches, but all she thinks of is the before and the after. She’s starting to realize that she stopped longing for the “before” years ago. It’s clear now that Amrita has been dreaming of it every day. When Kazia speaks, it takes all her courage. “What about our life here?” Amrita reels. “What life?” she says, thoughtless. “This isn’t a life, Kazia. This is waiting. Hiding. This is… purgatory. The Queen’s alive. Petra needs us. We have to fight.” Of those who go and those who stay, Amrita goes and Kazia stays. Alone.

Please let me know how you like the gun and if you are enjoying Destiny 2 Forsaken. I definitely think Forsaken is a contender for being the Taken King Expansion Destiny 2 desperately needed!

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  • Bill smith says:

    This is a random drop and I got the chest piece from the same cat ?

    • Ella says:

      I forget if the armor pieces have random rolls too, which chest piece did you get? One of the Dreaming City set I suppose? These cats are pretty generous unlike the ones I’ve known IRL lol.

  • Albert says:

    Hello D.

    I last nite about 3am EST &r eceived my Tigerspite in the DC. No warning just boom
    Here you go. Very quietly smooth. I also acquired the Breakneck & Hazard of the cast and enjoy the Grandeur and sound of these seemingly WWII era long guns.

    But the TS is a Lady indeed.

    Oh, TS dropped at A 660, for me.

    Y2KPursuer – Stormcaller.

    Stay well.

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