Destiny 2 Forsaken
Publisher: Activision – Developer: Bungie, High Moon Studios – Release:

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My Thoughts: 100+ hours in Destiny 2 Forsaken is the absolute best expansion that Bungie has ever produced.
The Dreaming City is magnificent with its towering spires and center citadel evoking a tolkien-esque feeling of Middle Earth.
The Awoken are Destiny’s Elves and I am in love with them and their Kingdoms.
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Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid

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Last night on Last Wish Eve I broke into the newest Destiny Raid using the now infamous glitch. I was able to access several new areas but lost some footage of the Tower of Open Eyes sadly.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid

I did manage to attempt to get some loot from the Raid chest and as you can see from the video, in pretty spectacular fashion I obtained!!! …nothing. It Seems the Raid chest glitch had been patched already.

No worries, I made my way across the beautiful heavenly bridge below The First Spire and climbed to the “Temple” to find a jumping puzzle of sorts it seemed.

I entered this room illuminated by a pretty purple light. I looked around and found there were other ways up. So I climbed the outside area instead. At the top I found a Taken blight which I should have attempted to jump into but realized I would probably just die!

However I tried to get as high as I could in this royal temple by climbing the outside trees and jumping atop its many rooftops.

It seemed there was a barrier preventing me from making it any higher. I found some platforms across a chasm that looked to appear to lead up to the main city and the citadel.

I made many attempts to try and ascend the platforms. Destiny’s newest raid had erected more invisible walls blocking any further progress deeper into the Last Wish Raid’s twisting paths.

Koolaid Man in the Building

I’m not upset the raid chest has been fixed. I was never supposed to get to this place early anyways. I was mostly breaking into the raid to experience the beautiful atmosphere and scenery. The only other reason to do so was so I could scream “Oh Yeah!”

So far I am ecstatic for this raid, which I sadly won’t be high enough light for this time. I have spent most of my last week pouring over multiple characters to make my cinematic boss videos. As well as a few other things.

Bungie has crafted something absolutely amazing here. Bungie has created such a heaven like place and I imagine the darkest parts of the ascendant areas of the dreaming city last wish raid will be sufficiently hellish in appearance and tone.

Forsaken’s Last Wish Raid will probably go down as the best raid in Destiny history. This team has been through hell this year. A lot of it justified, but this is the perfect send off!

Before ending my exploration of the new Last Wish Raid. I was able to get myself to the other side of the bridge where I spotted a giant locked door. I assumed that if I could reach the edge and pull myself up or Icarus dash on to the top of the bridge I might be able to find a way around like I had with the previous bridge platform.

Alas as always a barrier blocked me. If I somehow glitched up to the door it likely wouldn’t open for me anyways. All of the Dreaming City is visible from these towering platforms and in spectacular view. My Light level will likely bar me from entering the Raid this week, but my Last Wish for the week was to see this place and see it I have!

I hope you enjoyed the video. The locations already glimpsed in this video are awe inspiring and the artistry on show here is Bungie’s best yet!

Last Wish Raid Start Time

Raid goes live in about 2 hours and 30 mins.

Today is September 14 and it will be open to explore at 10AM PT / 1PM ET /5PM GMT on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid Lore:

“Last Wish is a raid in Forsaken, taking place in the Dreaming City. It is the culmination of the expansion’s storyline, and has been described as being “like the Vault of Glass and Dreadnaught had a baby.” It will have the most bosses for a raid yet in the Destiny series.[1] It will take place within the Keep of Voices, the tower at the head of the Dreaming City.”

More info on Bungie’s best raid


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