Destiny 2 Forsaken
Publisher: Activision – Developer: Bungie, High Moon Studios – Release:

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My Thoughts: 100+ hours in Destiny 2 Forsaken is the absolute best expansion that Bungie has ever produced.
The Dreaming City is magnificent with its towering spires and center citadel evoking a tolkien-esque feeling of Middle Earth.
The Awoken are Destiny’s Elves and I am in love with them and their Kingdoms.
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Destiny 2 Forsaken Baron: the Rider Boss

Destiny bosses in cinematic fashion!

Don’t Forget: Like, Subscribe (ring the bell) Are you having trouble with the Heavy pike rider? She can be easily countered with a pike of your own! I just didn’t use one. Let me know how it went and what you think of “The Rider” in the comments below!

Pretty straight forward fight. You chase Yaviks into her lair then once you do enough damage she flees. Simply rinse and repeat. Since she has a heavy pike it is important to note how hard those rockets she fires will hit. It is best to always keep moving taking a few shots at her while you clear each area of adds. One nice thing is that in each area there are a ton of explosive barrels that when detonating let off a huge aoe blast killing basically anything in the explosion’s radius.

You can use these to your advantage if The Rider is near them but she moves around so much that it can be frustrating to pull off. Very satisfying when you do though! If you do decide to fight her with a pike the advice about avoiding her scorn rockets is even more important. They do severe damage to pikes and her flaming trail burns up everything so watch out while pursuing her.

Yaviks has an ultimate of sorts. You can notice her using it at the beginning of the fight but I avoid getting hit. She basically charges a solar shield in front of her and attempts to butt you with her pike. If it connect it can send you flying and to your untimely death so be very careful when you see her charging at you!

Throughout the fight she will only summon ravagers, raiders, and lurkers.

It is also important to remember that the Rider’s heavy pike does void damage rather than the arc cannons normally mounted to pikes.

Always find a way to flank Yaviks when you can and you will have her down in no time!

Lore: “Don’t be afraid of dying under our Pikes. Fear surviving.”
—Yaviks, the Rider

Yaviks, the Rider is a Scorn Baron, who leads a personal gang of Pike riders. Riding atop a heavily upgraded Heavy Pike, Yaviks seeks to replace the hierarchy of the Fallen with anarchy throughout the Reef. She is responsible for the destruction of eight Awoken outposts, six Techeun temples, and hundreds of Awoken lives. Locked deep within the Prison of Elders, she was freed around a year after the events of the Red War by Uldren Sov, and was present as he executed Cayde-6. She is an Enforcer-class Baron.

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