Destiny 2 Forsaken
Publisher: Activision – Developer: Bungie, High Moon Studios – Release:

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My Thoughts: 100+ hours in Destiny 2 Forsaken is the absolute best expansion that Bungie has ever produced.
The Dreaming City is magnificent with its towering spires and center citadel evoking a tolkien-esque feeling of Middle Earth.
The Awoken are Destiny’s Elves and I am in love with them and their Kingdoms.
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Forsaken Baron: Fikrul, the Fanatic Boss

Cinematic Boss Fight of Fikrul, the Fanatic in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion. Be very careful of his Lightning staff it can break shields with ease.

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Short Boss Guide:

The setting of this fight is the best of all the Baron bosses in my opinion. You fight Fikrul on the picturesque steps of the Watchtower. His first attack will be slamming his electric staff on the ground. This will create an aeo field doing heavy shock dot (damage over time) if you are standing in it. Avoid this, because the Fanatic firing at you with his staff in combination with this attack will surely be your demise.

It is important to note that every time he creates one of these damage fields of lightning, he will also spawn a bunch of adds.

Clear the trash and focus precision shots on Keyhead, er I mean the Fanatic. You will want to do as much damage as quickly as possible. Fikrul can deal out significantly more damage than the previous barons you have faced.

It is best to try and rush him down and into the next phase as doing so grants you a checkpoint. Outside the Watchtower you have a much larger arena to avoid his many relentless attacks. It also gives you space to deal with his add groups.

He will continue to spawn adds until you get his health down a bit at which point he will flee into the tower. Fikrul will then create a forcefield blocking your way. After he seals himself away he will spawn a legion of Ravagers. These are easily dispatched, but given their large number here you can become overwhelmed from slam attacks which burn the ground.

After you take care of these enemies, the Fanatic will teleport you into the Watchtower. Now the real fight begins. Make sure not to waste your clip firing at Fikrul before he pulls you through his force field. You need to focus fire on him and doing so could leave you needing to reload.

Being hit by this slam attack after he pulls you in, will break your shield and leave you vulnerable. He may even throw you into a wall which could outright kill you. Assuming you fail to stun him with focused shots, he will likely teleport to you and start an onslaught of attacks.

Be ready to get away as quick as you can. Don’t fret too much though because entering the Watchtower phase of the arena saves your progress.

The arena has now gotten much smaller but the Fanatic will not let up spawning groups of adds with every staff slam.

Making the floor shock lava and removing large safe areas during the battle.

Up close Fikrul will slam you and attack with his electric staff. He looks quite menacing being one of the larger Barons. As with pretty much any of the fights I recommend you get as many precision shots as you can and for heavy a prefer a sword.

I like being able to stun lock bosses a bit despite having to deal with their melee range slams. There are always trade offs so use what you think is best.

Inside the Watchtower you do have some pillars for cover. Considering a couple blasts from his staff will end you this is very welcome.

Stay behind them and play this fight as safe as you can. Dealing with as few adds at a time as possible. The reason I say this is that if you get overwhelmed and have to flee, especially into the air his staff can snipe you.

As I already stated many times it hits very hard. If a couple Ravagers already lit you up with fire you will likely die. Avoid the air as much as possible in this fight and even though you have such little room, try to keep your distance.

I found both the arena and boss design of this fight to be top notch. I can’t wait to see what else Bungie has cooked up for us in the Dreaming City!

Lore: “I do not fear the dead! I CONTROL death, and you… you are more useful to me alive. Go! Pursue your vengeance!”

Fikrul, the Fanatic, is the leader of the Scorn Barons, and the Archon of the Scorn. As the only member of the group to escape capture, he fled into hiding while his comrades were imprisoned within the Prison of Elders. Fikrul believes that the Scorn are the natural evolution of the Eliksni, and that through his leadership, the race can find immortality. He is a Chieftain class Scorn leader, and the boss of the Nothing Left to Say Story Mission as well as the Hollowed Lair Strike.

Due to the nature of his resurrection abilities, Fikrul can seemingly never truly be killed, and has retorted that he will continue to return to seek vengeance upon the Guardian.

More info on Destiny 2 Forsaken’s the Fanatic Boss,_the_Fanatic


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