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Publisher: EA – Developer: Bioware – Release: February 15 (for Origin Premier Access subscribers) February 22th for everyone without any version of origin access. You can get a High-Performance PC from Origin Today! I Recommend Amazon for Games.

My Thoughts: 20+ hours playtime of a combination of the VIP demo and Public Demo I have some major concerns with Anthem. While I understand these “demos” were more like betas and are using an older build which is at least 6 weeks away from release, many things that I see being major issues are unlikely to be fixed on Anthem’s official release. Full disclosure I also got access to the Alpha and from my testing it ran much better than the demos released recently. This is of course even more of a major concern for me.

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Anthem Video Review

Anthem is phenomenal! I think this video will most definitely label me an obsessed fan girl but regardless I cannot be silent when I truly have fallen in love with a flawed game and I see so many people out there hurting my baby!

After over 60 hours of living within this world! Here Is my critical analysis and review of Anthem. One thing you might notice is this is sort of a dual review! Addressing both Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda. Let me know in the comments if you would like more videos in this format.

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