Hi my name is Ella. Adore Daniella

This is the official website of my YouTube Channel AdorableDaniella

Also, adore me on Instagram

My favorite game series (in no particular order) of all time are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Souls/Borne, Zelda, Metroid, Dragon’s Dogma, Mario, Super Smash Bros, and Xenoblade Here I will be uploading videos showing off my skill or lack thereof playing various video games in every genre you can think of.

I will also create tutorials because I really enjoy helping people! My favorite books are Star Wars and LOTR/Tolkien’s. I also really love Jane Austen and Nicholas Sparks novels. I was engrossed in the Expanded Star Wars Universe growing up.

I love my beautiful city of Phoenix, AZ. I am a huge fan of Action RPG’s. I will spend hours creating a character if the tools are robust enough. I try to bring my best personality into every game experience.

Also I HATE microtransactions! That is all.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Any product link you see on my website or in the description of my YouTube Channel or videos may be an affiliate link to a product or service I believe in. I currently work with Origin High-Performance PC, and Amazon.